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Ronald runs a great class. I’ve been smoking for years, but he got me interested in growing my own and taught me how. Train to Grow taught me where the bud comes from and how to grow them. They are going to put my dispensary out of business. What an exciting guy to watch! Ronald is a passionate teacher. I’ve been growing my own for years and didn’t realize how much I was doing wrong. I lost my last batch to spider mites, and I didn’t know how to fix it. Train to Grow schooled me on the right sprays to use to keep my grow room clean. Train to Grow makes growing approachable and easy. It’s well worth the money. No one ever taught me cloning was this easy. You think your friends taught you how to grow, but you were wrong. You know, you sacrifice buds off your plant only to have the tray die. That’s not happening after TTG.
  • Jessica Pitcher

  • Eric Deshaw

  • Allison Criner

  • Jamarr Wilson

  • Kyle Grappin

  • Jorge Rodriguez

  • Jeff Weber